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I've got the ESP8266 OLED starter kit with the 0.96" screen and it works great!

I puchased a 1.3" screen to make it a bit easier to read.

The included .96 Screen had VCC GND SCL SDA

The new screen has  VDD GND SCK SDA

Connected to the same code, I get some of the image, but most of the screen is scrambled:


Does anyone know if this is a sign of miswiring (Maybe I need a pull up resistor?)

Or is a sign that I need to change the driver or it's configuration (maybe SCL != SCK)

Or could it be a bad display?


- Jack

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Hi Jack

The scrambled screen indeed indicates that you are using the same driver for the bigger screen as you used for the 0.96". The 1.3" most certainly has a SH1106 chip so you should use this driver:

Have a look at this section which explains exactly what you'll have to change:


Kind regards,

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For the bernefit of others: did you try my suggestion and did it help?

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