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I've just received 2 x 4.2″ ESPaper Plus Kit, WiFi ePaper display

  •  First unit – USB in, red charging light on, reads 100% battery while USB powered and all seems fine.
  • Second one – USB in, no red LED, reads 0% when USB powered, not working on battery.

 I’ve opened up to check that the battery was connected (I’ve some of the smaller ones which I run without battery, and they behave in the same way) but it seems to be plugged in OK.

Anything I can try or is this a defective unit?

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Does it work when USB-powered? Have you tried swapping batteries? No worries, we don't have any "warranty void if opened" policy on those devices - at least not if you act under our guidance.
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It does work USB powered. I have tried a a spare LiPo batter (much smaller mAh) that I have, and connecting this gives the red charge LED. Therefore, I think the battery is faulty. Can a replacement be shipped?

Partially related - is it possible to put two batteries in parallel to double capacity. I'm a aware generally this would not be a good idea, but don't these small LiPos have on-board charge circuits?

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-> I'm posting this as an answer to indicate for us that we addressed this issue.

Thanks for testing! We do appreciate your efforts. We will send you a new battery. Can you please provide a close-up photo of the battery connector and ideally measure whether you got one with 2mm or 2.5mm pitch. Most batches use(d) a JST XH 2.5mm 2-pin connector but our manufacturers have a certain degree of freedom here. Same for battery dimension (capacity is always 2000mAh).

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