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I was able to connet to my new 4.2" ESPaper Plus Kit (SSID: ESPaperConfig; and entering my WiFi Credentials. But I am stuck here. According to the instructions, my screen should Change and show me the Registration Code for Pairing with the Account. But nothing happens! I only can turn off the device, hold the left Button pressed and turn it on again. It then starts again the AccesPoint (SSID: ESPaperConfig) where I can open the Config Page at It shows my previously entered credentials, but that's it. I tried all of the three buttons "Save Config" (obviously), "Reset Firmware Settings" (sets everything to default) and "Restart ESPaper" (does nothing, same as pressing the right Button).

Tried different WiFi's. No luck either. My WiFi is 2.4Ghz (Channel 2), with visible SSID, with WPA2 encryption.

An older Espaper 2.9" I got running (Years ago smiley )

What shall I try next? Can I get some Debuginfos on the Serial Port? Or is the Hardware sort of DOA (Dead on Arrival)?

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Thanks for the heads up. 

Can I get some Debuginfos on the Serial Port?

Yes, you could. Just hook up the programmer and switch to 115'220 baud.

Never heard of or seen a behavior like yours and checked the server logs. Sure enough, there was a hiccup. It should be good now. Please try again.

Apparently the registration screen flow isn't properly guarded against this kind of server issue (the "regular" screens are). We need to fix that.

asked Dec 25, 2019 in ESPaper by (300 points) Is my screen "broken"?

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