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I noticed that all configurations must be within the code. Will there be a future release to possibly include a webconfig option to add all information via a web portal? Reason I ask this as I have found an epaper version by 3kudelta (https://github.com/3KUdelta/espaper-weatherstation) that has taken it a step further. I will however try my best to my coding ability through trial and error merge the codes together to work with this version. But was just wondering before I get too involved if there is a release featuring that.

Thanks all.

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We don't have a grand master plan that we could pull out and check whether your feature request is included or not. It probably doesn't make sense to expose every single setting through the config portal, no?

Thanks for the heads up about the 3kudelta fork. Of course we can't stop people from forking and modifying our code, that's the whole point of it being open. Needless to say we would appreciate if people considered feeding back changes to the upstream repo. The diff between the two master branches doesn't look too bad, though:


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