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I'm using the OpenWeatherMap Screen 4.2" Screen Widget.

The values for today's high and low are correct, however, for the forecast on the right, all show the same value. 


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Unfortunately you found a known issue with the OWM API that we haven't had time to work around yet.

We have been in contact with OWM several months back to propose ideas how to improve their API wrt min/max. The acknowledged the behavior as being "correct" i.e. as expected but rejected our proposals. They at least updated the documentation.

See https://openweathermap.org/forecast5#min

Please, do not confuse min/max parameters in our weather APIs.

  • In 5 day / 3 hour forecast APIHourly forecast API and Current weather API - temp_minand temp_max are optional parameters mean min / max temperature in the city at the current moment to see deviation from current temp just for your reference. For large cities and megalopolises geographically expanded it might be applicable. In most cases both temp_min and temp_max parameters have the same volume as 'temp'. Please, use temp_min and temp_max parameters in current weather API optionally.
  • In 16 Day forecast - min and max mean maximum and minimum temperature in the day.

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