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I’m not seeing the sample weather application on the board’s display when I give it power. How do I reach the configuration screen?

I’d like to test out the board before purchasing any case or serial cable... but does the software not come preinstalled?

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Please follow the guide at https://docs.thingpulse.com/guides/espaper-lite-kit/ to install the Weather application. You will need a programmer / USB-to-serial converter for that.

No application comes pre-installed as some customers choose to install the Calendar application, or their own, instead. 

The guide has a close-up picture of the programmer so you can verify before you buy one that it's got the pins in the expected order. There's also one on the shop listing for the Plus Kit at https://thingpulse.com/product/espaper-plus-kit-wifi-epaper-display/.

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