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I followed the plans but when i get the part to set the ram, my only options are OTA and no SPIFF,

When it writes the file it gets stuck on this.


Hard resetting via RTS pin..."

and all i get is a white screen.

Anybody have any advice as to what i did wrong?
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I am quite convinced now we're dealing with a hardware issue. However, although it looks like a problem with the display we can't rule out it's the WeMos device. Please send us an email with your complete address and we'll send you a spare display.
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Sorry to learn you didn't take us up on our offer to replace the display. We aim to make every customer a happy customer. We are sorry we failed this time.
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app-fairy identifies as a trogen virus to my virus filter
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Unfortunately virus detection is not an exact science. Please take a look at the virus reports we published at https://github.com/ThingPulse/app-fairy/releases.
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test binary file link says not found

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